SELKIRK Pro S1G Polymer Graphite


The PRO S1G is the ultimate control player’s paddle that does not sacrifice power. It has one of the largest sweet spots in the industry.


  • Control = 5
  • Power = 4.5
  • Weight = 7.3-7.6oz


Pro S1 Story
Meet the Pro S1 Series of paddles, the bigger, badder brothers of the very popular Epic series. The Pro S1 series is the culmination of everything we have been working on for the past 3 years. The initial idea for the Pro S1 came in collaboration with Tony Tollenaar, a top SelkirkPro player. Tony suggested that we improve the Epic by shortening the handle and increasing the surface area of the paddle face. This seemingly small change, combined with a redesigned surface, produced a dramatic increase in performance and control. We launched the Pro S1 series at the 2016 National’s with huge success and a large adoption by Pro players and recreational players alike.

Pro S1 Models

  Control     Power     Weight      Face       Core      MSRP  
  S1C      4.5    4.75   7.5-8.0oz   FiberStrongTM Composite   Polymer PowerCoreTM     $100
  S1C+      4.25    5   8.0-8.5oz   FiberStrongTM Composite   Polymer PowerCoreTM   $100
  S1G      5    4.5   7.3-7.6oz   CarbonFlexTM Graphite   Polymer PowerCoreTM     $130
  S1G+    4.75    4.75   7.8-8.2oz   CarbonFlexTM Graphite   Polymer PowerCoreTM     $130

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Pro S1G Player
The Pro S1G is for the control player who does not want to sacrifice power. What defines professional pickleball play is consistency and a range of ability. A pro pickleball player rarely makes unforced errors and wins with consistency, control, and power. We designed the Pro Series paddles for this level of Pro play. However, these elements are exactly what every recreational player needs in a performance paddle as well. If you are a Pro player or want to improve your game to become one, the Pro S1 series of paddles is for you.

Pro S1G Technology
The Pro S1G Graphite shares the same larger paddle area of the Pro S1C Composite giving it one of the largest sweet spots in the industry. For the S1G we utilized our proprietary EdgeSentryTM edge guard to retain a well-balanced and lightweight paddle. With our Polymer PowerCoreTM Technology at its heart combined with the feel of our CarbonFlexTM Graphite face, this paddle will give you the touch necessary to out smart and out maneuver your opponents.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro
  • Weight: 7.3oz-7.6oz Average
  • Height: 15.625
  • Width 8:0″
  • Grip Length: 4.5″
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25″
  • Grip: Selkirk ComfortGripTM
  • Core: Polymer PowerCoreTM
  • Face: CarbonFlexTM Graphite
  • Surface: DualPrintTM
  • Edge: Pro S1G EdgeSentryTM


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