SELKIRK 31P XO Polymer Graphite Omni Glen Peterson Signature Design


The elongated shape of the Omni allows intermediate to advanced players to perform advanced shots. The Omni utilizes our Polymer PowerCoreTM and EdgeSentryTM technologies along with a Graphite face to produce a solid yet very lightweight elongated paddle. If you want a unique paddle that gives you an edge on the court, the Omni is for you.




This elongated paddle has been a long time in the making. There has been an arduous process to find the perfect combination of weight, width, length, balance, and feel. And then we decided to add some beauty to it! That process is now complete and we are extremely pleased to introduce to you the Omni Graphite 31P XO paddle with specs and shape designed by Glen Peterson.


You are an advanced player who always seeks the latest equipment that gets you an edge on the court. You aren’t afraid of taking risks and driving a slightly high dink into your opponents. You like a lightweight paddle that has excellent control but still allows you to put the ball away. If this sounds like you, the OMNI 31P XO paddle is for you.


  • PowerCoreTM: powerful, durable, and consistent polymer core
  • EdgeSentryTM: lightweight, low-profile, and durable edgeguard
  • Graphite Surface: lightweight, touch surface
  • Printed Graphics lightweight surface
  • Average Weight: 7.1oz – 7.3oz
  • Size: XO
    • Paddle Width: 7.25”
    • Paddle Height: 16.25”
    • Handle Length: 4.25”
    • Handle/Grip Circumference: 4.25”


The perfect combination of power and control makes or breaks an elongated paddle. Because of the slim design of an elongated paddle, you need a core that provides consistency and pop but also touch to control the ball. We achieve this with our Polymer PowerCoreTM combined with our Graphite surface. The OMNI has the perfect balance of power and control for an elongated paddle.

Weight matters tremendously for elongated paddles. Elongated paddles tend to be head heavy because of the extra length. This will wear on your wrist over extended play. A head heavy paddle also hinders you from quickly whipping the paddle around for a perfectly timed shot. Selkirk’s goal was to manufacture an elongated paddle in the lightweight class. We achieved an average weight of 7.1oz – 7.3oz because of our EdgeSentryTM edgegaurd technology which is extremely lightweight and durable. The EdgeSentryTM edgegaurd balances the Omni paddle perfectly which allows you to not just get the paddle on the ball but also to make the game-winning shot.

Is the Omni only for singles play? While it is true that elongated paddles usually are suited best for singles play, the Omni is designed to excel in both doubles and singles play. This is because the shape is slightly wider than most elongated paddles. The extra width increases the sweet spot size. In fact, the Omni allows for a couple shots that will be sure to give you an advantage in doubles. Because you have a longer reach with the Omni, you can drive a slightly high dink back into your opponents. The increased length also allows you to take advantage of angles better.

Will it take me a while to get used to the Omni? A typical elongated paddle will take you a while to get used to because the slim design requires more precision and the head heavy weight can be difficult to master. However, the Omni avoids both of these issues because it is slightly wider and lightweight (7.1oz – 7.3oz). We’ve had 5.0 players change to this paddle mid-tournament and love it!

Can I only use a shake hand grip with the Omni? We designed the Omni to work excellent with the shake hand grip and with the normal continental grip. The shake hand grip is the common grip in Table Tennis where you hold the paddle up high with one finger on the paddle face. The shorter grip length of the Omni allows you to use a shake hand grip comfortably. However, the grip is still long enough to use the standard continental grip, but you won’t be able to do a two-handed backhand with it.


Glen hails from the Great Northwest in the Seattle area, the birthplace of Pickleball. Glen began playing with his 82-year old father in 2011 at the Northshore Senior Center in Bothell, Washington. He began competing at the tournament level in 2013 and his wife, Paula, says that his addiction to pickleball has finally subsided to normal levels. His only regret is that he wished that he had started playing Pickleball in his twenties!

Glen has proven to be a fierce, yet gracious competitor on the court and has piled up some impressive wins over the last few years. In 2015, winning Gold with Scott Moore at the Tournament of Champions in Mens Doubles Legends – Open and Silver in Mens Singles Legends – Open and at Nationals VII he won Gold in Men’s Singles 50+ and Bronze in Senior Open Men’s Singles. In 2014 at TOC he won Gold in Senior Men’s Open as well as Silver in Open Men’s Singles at the 2014 Nationals VI. Glen is showing no signs of slowing down!

Glen has been a pioneer in the development of the elongated paddle concept. In the past, Glen had worked with several manufacturers trying to get that perfect combination of elements aligned into one paddle with varying degrees of success. After working closely with Selkirk Sport in getting the shape, height, length, weight and feel just right, Glen has finally found the paddle that he wants to use and even more importantly, feels comfortable putting his name on.


The Omni is a very unique paddle of which there isn’t anything else out there like it. However, below are two other paddles an intermediate to advanced player should consider.

  • Enrique 30P Graphite Polymer: The Enrique 30P has earned the distinction as our best all-around paddle. It is mid-weight at a 7.9oz average weight. The Graphite surface allows for a very controlled dink game. Where as the Polymer PowerCoreTM and extra weight provides plenty of power for put away shots. This paddle is very solid and excels at landing a drop-shot perfectly. If you are well-rounded player who needs a paddle that has no weakness, the Enrique 30P is for you.
  • 30P Epic Graphite Polymer: Do you like the sound of the Enrique 30P above but just need it to be a little lighter? Well we have the perfect paddle for you! The 30p Epic Graphite has the same Polymer PowerCoreTM and Graphite surface as the Enrique 30P, but it comes in at only 7.3oz. The reduced weight gives you extra control and quicker reactions at the net.


Why should I buy a Selkirk Sport Pickleball paddle? Below are five reasons.

  1. Limited Lifetime Warranty: Selkirk Sport was the first manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. We can offer this industry-disruptive warranty because all of our paddles are made in the USA with the superior materials and manufacturing processes. Learn more about our Limited Lifetime Warranty by clicking here. Note: this warranty is included with all of our Premium paddles; our NEO paddle comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  2. Made in the USA: Every Selkirk paddle is proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Our processing facility is in Hayden, ID, which is very close to the Coeur D’Alene Lake. Manufacturing our paddles in the United States with primarily USA materials ensures we can maintain premium quality. However, Selkirk Sport is committed to not only maintaining the quality of our products but also to continually improving our paddles with the latest innovative technologies.
  3. Superior Manufacturing Materials & Processes: our strict quality control standards, top-notch manufacturing processes, and innovative technology gives us an edge in the Pickleball industry. An example of our innovative technology is the EdgeSentryTM edgeguard technology. The EdgeSentryTM edgeguard is low-profile and lightweight, and yet it is extremely durable. The durability ensures you will be playing with your paddle for a long time and its reduced weight balances the paddle so that it is not head heavy. You will notice a paddle with EdgeSentryTM Technology as soon as you pick it up.
  4. Family Owned: Selkirk Sport is a family owned and operated company which started in May of 2014. We are committed to excellence in our products, customer service, employees, and sponsored players. Our mission is to give back to the Pickleball community and help grow this amazing sport!
  5. The Perfect Paddle For You: Selkirk Sport offers a wide range of paddles that cater to different levels, styles of play, and individual preferences. Browse our selection of Pickleball paddles or contact a representative so that you can find the perfect Selkirk paddle for you.


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