GEARBOX Pro Control Elongated




Control. Spin. Plush Feel. Touch. Precision. Reach.

The Pro Control Elongated paddle is the pinnacle of precision and touch in the world of pickleball. Its elongated shape provides extended reach with a superb plush feel. It not only offers effortless control; this paddle also excels in touch and forgiveness, ensuring every shot is perfectly placed. With its SSTCore™, you’ll experience unparalleled responsiveness and control, allowing for delicate drops, spin, and net play with ease. The Pro Control elongated paddle isn’t just a paddle; it’s a masterpiece that combines touch, feel, and precise control for a pickleball experience like no other. Its quiet sound will keep your opponent on edge as they try to decipher the sound of your winning shot.


Paddle Face Finish: Toray T700 (Raw Carbon Fiber)
Core Material: Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber
Core Construction: Patented Carbon Fiber Chambers
Head Shape: E (Elongated)
Weight: 8.0 oz (+/- 0.15oz)
Handle Circumference: 4” grip
Handle Length: 5-1/2″
Paddle Length: 16 1/2″
Head Length: 11″
Paddle Width: 7-3/8″
Paddle Thickness: 14mm
Grip: Gearbox Smooth Wrap – Black
Warranty: 1 year
USAPA Approved